Text2Speech Magic Review

Text2Speech Magic Review

Text2Speech Magic Review

A Unique Text-Speech software which supports over 35 languages and mimics 86 Human Speech Voices. Text 2 Speech Magic uses the same high end technology that is being used by Microsoft, Google and Amazon in their products which assures that you harness the potential of constantly evolving Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the best that it has to offer.

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Speech Service is an advanced technology, closest to natural human speech. Microsoft uses the same technology in all its text-speech apps and speech based searches which ensures the best voice output.

A bonus advantage that comes with this package- sell this product at any price you want. Money making can’t get any easier. Text2Speech Magic Uses Microsoft’s Deep neural networks to overcome the limitations of traditional speech synthesis with respect to stress and intonation in spoken language. Prosody prediction and voice synthesis are performed simultaneously, which results in more fluid and natural-sounding outputs.

These voices are highly intelligible and sound natural, with a wide range of voice options. These voices provide high pronunciation accuracy, including support for abbreviations, acronym expansions, date/time interpretations, polyphones, and more.

Text2Speech Magic DEMO


  • Text 2 Speech Magic allows you to export your voice-overs for use in any video creation app. It automatically saves the exported audio file in .wav format on your system.
  • Text 2 Speech Magic not only provides multiple languages but also their dialects and a wide selection of natural-sounding male and female voices.
  • Text 2 Speech Magic’s natural pronunciation of text enables you to deliver high-quality voice output that’s perfect for sales letters, explainer videos, video ads, affiliate video reviews, and any other videos.
  • You can make money by reselling this software, content creation on your own, or by proving professional voice-over services to your clients in a multitude of languages and dialects.
  • All this and you keep 100% of the profits generated through this software. That’s right! You can create content for yourself or provide content-as-a-service/software-as-a-service and keep the earnings to yourself. No licensing hassle, no per use fee.
  • With TEXT 2 SPEECH MAGIC, the possibilities are endless. Imagine creating voice-overs for your potential clients in seconds, or becoming a freelancer and selling your content on popular sites like Fiverr, or Freelancer.com.

Text2Speech Magic


Text 2 Speech Magic FEATURES

Use of Microsoft Azure Natural Speech Engine – Seamless speech processing with Microsoft Azure Text-Speech Solutions allows for minimum error and maximum efficiency.

86 Male, Female Voices 35 Languages – Expand your business reach with over 35 languages and 86 voices to cater to a vast range of content creators all over the globe.

Desktop App /Works on Windows Machine – A highly scalable application that works on Windows systems as well as Android operating systems without a glitch.

Make Money with Resale Rights – With TEXT2SPEECH MAGIC, you can earn three ways – sell your content, provide Text-Speech services, and sell the software itself.

Point and Click/ No Training or Skills Required – The best thing about our product is that it’s no rocket science. You can learn on the go and start earning right away.

Make Money by Creating Untimed Voice Overs – Seamless speech processing with Microsoft Azure Text-Speech Solutions allows for minimum error and maximum efficiency.

High Quality Sales Material Included – Get this Resale Rights Software with Sales Page, Sales Videos, Email Swipes, Graphics, Tutorial Videos, and more.

High Demand Software by Video Marketers – Seamless speech processing with Microsoft Azure Text-Speech Solutions allows for minimum error and maximum efficiency.

Use of Microsoft Azure Natural Speech Engine – Reap the benefits of increased demand of Text-Speech services and increase your earnings with TEXT 2 SPEECH MAGIC.

Text 2 Speech Magic OTO’S


White Label Branding Rights People Can Add their Name and Link of the Website in the Software, Never Seen Before in Industry


4000+ WordPress Plugins + Theme Membership With GPL Rights from World’s Top Creators Like Codecanyon, Woo etc.


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