PLR Stream is the world’s first hosted PLR video streaming app. It works by allowing members to embed hosted PLR videos in the same way you would embed a YouTube video. Simply copy & paste video embed codes anywhere, such as your webpages, websites, blog posts, online courses, membership sites and more!

It is a MASSIVE PLR video collection containing over 9,000 Top-notch, high-quality PLR videos and products in multiple lucrative niches that you can use to create profits-inducing info products. PLR Stream is the most innovative and useful PLR product on the planet, and there is simply no competition.  It enables users to quickly and easy create a multitude of products on the fly.  And with nearly 9,000 individual videos available in our product catalog, there is plenty of content for many of the more popular niches (MMO, fitness, weight loss, business, etc.)


  • 5-star, profitable products quickly and easily without complication.
  • Create solid, profitable membership sites in record time and nurture them with amazing video content every month without uploading or downloading super-sized videos.
  • Wonderful “copy and paste” approach that will save you time and money. All you have to do is embed a code, and you’re ready to go! (Just like you would a YouTube video!)
  • Forget about dealing with technical stuff and focus on the most important thing: making money. And, its never been easier to crank out money making products than with copy-and-paste PLR video embedding.
  • Unrestricted access to a large collection of PLR videos and products covering almost every imaginable niche from making money online, self-help, weight-loss, investing, WordPress and Websites, online & brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • Enjoy relevant, up-to-date, and HOT PLR videos of a jaw-dropping quality and surprise your audience! We have curated our large library of relevant and in-demand videos, and have eliminated old, dated and inaccurate products from our library.
  • A solid catalog of products that you can re-sell and keep 100% of the profits.

There’s no need to complicate your life downloading huge files or dealing with boring technical stuff . This Mind-Blowing collection of PLR Videos is hosted on our servers, which means that you don’t have to waste your time uploading anything to your server. Just copy & paste a streaming link and make your life easier.



PLR Stream is a new concept that differs greatly from your typical, cookie-cutter PLR sites. Yes, once you get access, you can download as many videos and products as you want and do whatever you want with them.There’s a GIGANTIC catalog of top-notch PLR videos waiting for you inside.You can expect all of the features that a regular PLR site offers, but PLR Stream offers a brand-new approach that you’ll love.

You’ll get access to practical embedded streaming links to each video offered in PLR Stream: You can embed this code anywhere that HTML can be input. Copy and paste anywhere, in as many sites as you want, eBooks, courses, emails … wherever you want!

Create password protected pages, PLUS offer instant access and viewing to PLR video products. There’s no need to send your customers offsite. You can KEEP them on your site, so that you can track valuable metrics, such as video starts, completes, re-watches, and much more!

One of the most interesting aspects of PLR Stream is the analytics feature. Track the stats on each video you post, so that you can get an idea who’s watching, when, from where, which videos are killing it… and which ones aren’t. Do you know any other PLR site who offers you this awesome feature?

The embedded video will ONLY work in the video player (contained in the HTML code that you post). No one can share the videos or link to them. What’s more: if someone tried to re-embed the code on their sites or anywhere else, they won’t be white-listed and won’t be able to play the videos.

Unlike other PLR sellers, I won’t play games and try to drive your customers to my site. Nope. My mission is to not interfere in your business and help you make as much money as possible. That’s why PLR Stream doesn’t brand or alter the videos! What’s more … Even the stream code doesn’t reflect my site at all. Your business, your way.

PLUS, add to that video hosting or a third party video platform where annoying ads don’t pop up and videos load promptly and everything works like it should all day every day.


To conclude PLR STREAM REVIEW, there is nothing like this in the market to be honest right now!! There’s no doubt that the value offering is MASSIVE. In order to get such an amount of videos, you will definitely have to become the member of at least three or four PLR sites.We’re talking about a minimum of $100 per month, that don’t even get me started with the quality of the PLR content you’d be getting and the annoying technical part that would drive any normal person CRAZY.

One last thing the unbelievable low monthly fee of $23 is only an introductory offer that won’t last forever.  If you sign up now for $23 a month, you will pay that for forever! After this offer disappears, you will be paying $47 a month like everyone else, which is still a bargain by any standards. Why wait?  You have nothing at all to lose.Click the link below for discounts.