BEECOVERS” is our Brand NEW – Completes Pack of Self Publishing Design Toolkit from our PixelCover’s series… It’s perfectly to create, present and publish your Book, Magazine, Kindle or Seminar and Book Launch Event.

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CLASSY Quality Templates

All the Kindle/Book/Magazine eCovers are  designed to be creative, professional, eye catching, cool, and attractive. But you have the option to fully customize them as you desire.

EASY To Use and Edit

It is EXTREMELY easy to customize and use without the need for Pro Design skills. With ECOVERIO… it’s only 3 steps!  Simply   CLICK – EDIT – DONE

NO NEED To Start from Scratch​

All the templates are all Ready made – Fully Editable templates special designed in-house by top professional video maker and marketer

ALL-in-ONE Self Publishing Toolkit​

You can everything you need to create your own Book, Magazine, Kindle Book, and various marketing tools to sale your product online and offline

Innovative & Creative Design​

We have been in design & marketing world for almost 10 years. So we know how to provide a cutting edge design, Easy to use, intuitive and LOTS of templates and images to work with

WORK SMART & Out of The Box​

Everyone can work with these templates, No learning curve, advance skill, or even degree needed. Youc an be more creative as you can!

HUGE Time and Money Saver

To get  “ECOVERIO”  you’ll only need to spend a  few dollars, and all your designs can be done in minutes! It’s a HUGE budget and time saver for you!

UNLIMITED Creativity

You can be as creative as you can with our Top design templates  that can be tailored to your business. Use the templates as a starting point, and have fun!

Being Graphic Designer & Marketer since 2010… my goal is to deliver stellar-quality graphics and video templates.

That’s why I always providing an ELEGANT,  CLEAN, SIMPLE, and PROFESSIONAL look design concept on every design project we have.

And in this special offer… we make this product with a Massive – PREMIUM content… All-in-One Bundle wich is can be used on various Book genre/niches (Multipurpose).