bCast Suite Review

bCast Suite Review: Complete audio platform for your podcasting success.

bCast Suite Review: Complete audio platform for your podcasting success.

Welcome guys! Today I have come across an exciting podcasting Technology which is going to take over the Podcasting industry by storm, this is the new bCast Suite and you all are going to learn more about this from my honest bCast Review in the upcoming paragraph below.

In this review, you will get to learn about the exclusive features, usage, benefits, and also all the pricing upgrades. This is literally first to market technology and I have been one of the rare beta testers for this product, so rest assured the content you will find here is nowhere else (with honesty).

Learn all the details of this tool here and also try to stick till the end to reveal some of the exclusive bonuses which I assembled together for you. Feel free to use the table below to skim through the content which you want to learn first.


bCast Suite Review: Complete Software Overview

In the recent light of clubhouse being popular and also Joe Rogan’s billion-dollar migration to Spotify caused huge havoc in the podcasting world, people who were ignorant earlier has finally opened their doors for their podcasting journey. Podcasting has been never this popular as it is right now!

Clubhouse began to be immensely popular during the pandemic as most people could not interact in public anymore, due to this reason people tend to stay on the podcasting forums more. Most podcasting tools out there right now will help you share the podcast content on a few of the syndicated platforms and this where the bCast suite shines removing all such limitations.

Creating podcasts and publishing can be sometimes a very tiresome and cumbersome process but usage of the bCast Suite puts your hard work literally on autopilot to the point where it can be done with minutes of work. You can use the software with ease as it is absolutely easy to use and especially people who want to focus more on the content rather than the editing and publishing can now finally relax.


Creator Neil Napier and Abhi Dwivedi
Product bCast Suite
Launch Date 27-04-2021
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Official website Click Here
Front-End Price $77
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Niche Podcast Builder
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!




bCast Suite Review: Introduction

bCast Suite is a powerful, all-in-one podcast marketing solution that is built to create, curate and publish podcast content for newbies and Business owners. It is completely built on the cloud and does not need to be downloaded on your desktop or laptop for use. This complete set of tools will help to drive more traffic and make more sales by following the new trend of podcasting and the resurgence of audio on the web.

With bCast Suite you can:

  1. Create original podcasts for you or your clients
  2. Create content, recording voice-overs or use our AI voice over technology
  3. Automatically share your podcast to the TOP 20 podcast platforms.

This suite was created by top experts in the field – people who know what it takes to succeed. With bCast Suite even newbie podcasters will jump to the front of the money-making line by finding and creating quality content in any niche.

This software will remove limitations such as creating your own unique content. Creating voice-overs for different languages will be completely automated and also you can easily publish the content with 20 Top podcasting sites without shedding any extra penny.



Who are the founders of bCast Suite?

The founders of this amazing podcasting tool are none other than the most popular online marketers and software developers Neil and Abhi. They have an amazing portfolio in creating amazing software as a service product and have more than 10,000+ customers currently under belt who are actively buying, using and most importantly benefiting from their products.

Multiple 6-figure generating products and a lot of experience later they saw a huge potential in the podcasting space and there is next to zero products available to help businesses in this space. A huge capacity is lying dormant in this space and people are ready to leverage software in the podcasting market.

After doing in-depth market research/surveys and understanding the real needs of the people they started developing the tool for a year, after successful testing and implementation, bCast suite has been launched in the market to meet the needs of the people who want or have a business in the podcasting space.

bCast Suite DEMO



bCast Suite Review: BENEFITS

After using the tool for some time I truly believe that this software will bring about some major changes in the Podcasting industry this year. A lot of it will come due to the ease with which you are able to operate your business efficiently. I have mentioned some major benefits which I experienced myself :

  1. bCast suite will readily help you to join the company of smart marketers who are leveraging podcasts in 2021
  2. You are able to post your podcasts up to 20 of the top podcasting sites (iTunes, Spotify, etc)
  3. Efficiently multiply your traffic with the renaissance of audio.
  4. It makes it easier to develop a quality presence online with a custom podcast website.
  5. Helps to grow the email list like never before.
  6. Builds very strong relationships with the audience.
  7. Selling more products and/or services will be easy.
  8. Capabilities to connect with the autoresponder are also available.
  9. Integration with Zapier can give you unlimited possibilities
  10. It will help to discover trends with powerful built-in analytics.
  11. Simple and easy to add paid ads & CTAs with “Dynamic Content Insertion”.
  12. Create an automatic, custom podcast page for your audience to get even more traffic.
  13. Integration with Google & Facebook Pixels for the convenient precision retargeting.
  14. Easily create and highlight engaging segments to share with potential followers.

Major updates are coming adding more potential to the users and by the time you are reading this it has already been added, so you can Click here to learn more by visiting the official website….


bCast Suite Review: Bonuses

BONUS #1 – Resellers Rights to VidRankNeos


BONUS #2 – Resellers Rights to VidNeos


BONUS #3 – Resellers Rights to WPDollar3 Pro


BONUS #4 – Resellers Rights to SocialNeos Pro


BONUS #5 – Resellers Rights to AKBooster


BONUS #6 – Resellers Rights to Upto 100 Ready-Made Niche Blogs



BONUS #7 – Resellers Rights to VidAgency WP Theme


BONUS #8 – Whitelabel License to AppSpyPro


BONUS #9- Whitelabel License to Adsense Dragon


BONUS #10 – Whitelabel License to VideoAppMonarchy Theme + Plugin


BONUS #11- Whitelabel License to VidNeos AutoVideo Theme


BONUS #12 – Whitelabel License to SocialNeos Theme

BONUS #13 – Whitelabel License to CurationNeos Desktop App



BONUS #14 – Whitelabel License to Pin Matrix Pro


BONUS #15 – Lifetime Access to CurationNeos WebApp


BONUS #16 – Lifetime Access to Video Sales Authority


BONUS #17 – Lifetime Access to Independent Authors Academy


BONUS #18 – Lifetime Access to VidRank Training


BONUS #19 – Email List Building Strategy


BONUS #20 – Content Repurpose Guide




bCast Suite Review: Features

With the purchase of the Front end product of bCast you will be able to leverage three top-level software features and I have listed those separately below.


  • Flexible Search
  • Deep Search Filters
  • Quick Convert
  • Correct Grammar Mistakes
  • Auto Punctuator
  • Find & Replace
  • Content Spinner


  • 107 Different Languages
  • Over 461 Voiceovers
  • No API Needed
  • No Credit System
  • Voice Customisation
  • Create Voice That Sounds Like You
  • Save Voice Customisation
  • Download Voices
  • Merge Voiceovers That You Created
  • Easily Edit Them


  • Audio Inserts
  • ‍Auto Optin
  • ‍Transcription
  • One-Click Submission
  • Email Notifications
  • Podcast Website​​​​​​​
  • Publish To YouTube​​​​​​​​​​
  • Integrated Affiliate Link
  • Email Optin Forms
  • ‍Headliner Integration​​​​​​​
  • Private Podcasts




Who can use bCast Suite?


Reach the customers right in your area by targeting local issues and concerns. Advertisers will follow.


Develop strong ties to your customer base as you connect with them through your podcast.


Start a podcast focused on your areas of expertise. Connect with potential clients regularly.


Develop podcasts for clients to help them reach out to their customers like never before.


Use podcasts to gauge the interest in a particular niche or product. Buyers will be coming to you.


All the frustrations you’ve faced trying to create, host and share your podcasts are solved with bCast Suite.


Don’t just send an email to your list, invited them to subscribe to your weekly (or daily!) reviews.




bCast Suite Review: bCast Suite OTOs

OTO1:bCast Suite Unlimited

✔️ Unlimited podcasts
✔️ Unlimited Content
✔️ Unlimited Voice
✔️ Bonus: More Bandwidth
✔️ Bonus: More Transcription


OTO2:bCast Suite Business

✔️ DFY Business Website
✔️ Lead Finder
✔️ Agreements
✔️ Promotional Material


OTO3:bCast Suite Whitelabel 

✔️ Custom Domains
✔️ Use your own logo
✔️ Deliver as a branded service



bCast Suite Review: Complete audio platform for your podcasting success.

✔️ Upload Mp3 files up to 100 MB
✔️ Resize/Trim Audio file
✔️ Add Transcribe Caption on the Video Podcast
✔️ 50+ Languages to choose for the transcribe/captions
✔️ Add podcast background color
✔️ Add custom Waveforms on the video Podcast
✔️ Add custom progress bar on the video
✔️ Add and position an image on the video podcast
✔️ Add and position text on the video podcast
✔️ Add Logo on the Podcast
✔️ Generate mp4 Podcast in different Aspect Ratios




bCast Suite Review: Conclusion

Thanks for sticking till the end of my unbiased bCast Suite review, the best software for the podcasting business. Here to end my review I would like to mention that just like Apple introduced their products and have taken the mobile technology industry by storm this tool will eventually fall on the same path to give a major breakthrough.

The podcasting industry is Ginormous and the competition is less compared to other industries, so right now if you are not efficiently leveraging this type of tool to start your podcasting journey then you are missing out big time!

The bCast suite will be available for a one-time low fee for a limited and after that, you have to pay double and that too monthly. Adding more value to your business I am helping you by giving away 20 exclusive bonuses for FREE. To get the deal you should hurry up and click the link below.